What is an EcoCapsule?

What is Ecocapsule®?

The Ecocapsule® is a mobile, self-sustainable, smart micro-home that utilizes both wind and solar energy. It allows people an economic opportunity to live in a remote place in comfort.

It is a housing alternative that fully utilizes the latest technologically innovative solutions.  As a result, it enables people to connect in harmony with nature and minimizes negative impact on the environment.

The Ecocapsule’s Shape

The egg shape of Ecocapsule® is designed to maximize the collection of rain water and dew. The multi-stage water filters ensure the transformation of water from any natural source into clean potable water.

The design of the outer shell also minimizes energy loss. Hollow walls filled with highly efficient thermal insulation protect inhabitants from harsh environment. Furthermore, the unique design makes Ecocapsule® a piece of art that stands out in every environment.

Ecocapsule in mountains by lake

The Ecocapsule’s Size & Specs

At just over 15’ long, the Ecocapsule® is small enough to be mobile while large enough to be comfortable. The floor plan is slightly more than 88 square feet.  The height is just over 8’ and the empty weight is just under 3,000 pounds.

The Ecocapsule® body is made from fiberglass, overlaid on a steel frame and filled with high quality polyurethane foam insulation.  This results in a tough exterior while remaining lighter weight than most micro homes.


The Ecocapsule® is a micro home that can produce its own electricity with either wind or solar or both. The electricity produced is stored in batteries on board giving you an uninterrupted supply of power.

There are also multiple options for plugging into electricity to charge the batteries including the ability to charge at electric automobile charging stations.

Ecocapsule on island cliff

A/C & Heat

The Ecocapsule is very well insulated and has a sophisticated heating and cooling system.  Because of this advanced system you can operate it by a smart phone from anywhere in the world.

The operating temperature for the climate control system is from -14 degrees Fahrenheit to 94 degrees Fahrenheit allowing it to be used in nearly any environment.


With the Ecocapsule, you can use water from multiple sources. You can collect and use rainwater and dew as well as water from a stream or lake. The water is cleaned via a series of filters including a reverse osmosis filter making it safe to consume.  Drinking water is also provided by filters installed on faucets.

The Ecocapsule® uses a very environmentally friendly waterless, separating toilet.

Ecocapsule bathroom

Ecocapsule Uses

Some of the uses for the Ecocapsule® include a cabin, hotel, camper, houseboat, research station or shelter for a rapid response team.

Whether your use is personal or commercial, the setup is very economical and efficient.  You do not have to run water, sewer or electricity as you would with any tradition structure. The Ecocapsule® can be placed on a utility trailer for easy transportation from one location to another or to utilize it as a camper.

There is also a trailer that fits the Ecocapsule that will be available from the manufacturer. Included are attachment points at which you can connect to move and locate the Ecoscapsule with a helicopter.

History of the Ecocapsule

The Ecocapsule® was first designed in 2009 as an entry into the Andes Sprout Society Idea Competition to design a small housing unit for an artist.

At that time some of the desired technology was not available, but by 2014 designers produced a prototype with the systems necessary for long-term independence.

After ten years of research and development at the manufacturing facility in The Slovic Republic, the first Ecocapsules® to the United States will arrive at B&B RV, Inc. in Denver, Colorado in the Fall of 2019.

Ecocapsule at sunset on beach

Business Opportunity

There are already success stories of people in European countries utilizing the Ecocapsule® as remote hotel rooms or as campground cabins.

Because of its uniqueness and novelty, renters are willing to pay a premium for the experience giving them a life-long memory while giving the owner a lucrative income.  We are very excited to have Ecocapsule as an Off-Grid Expo sponsor.