Reasons To Consider Gardening

The Age-Old Tradition of Gardening

Gardening has been feeding people and providing happiness for generations. We may grow food for different reasons now than our grandparents did, but the fresh produce still has all the same benefits. 

There’s no magic to growing your own food. You can grow what you can, where you can. If you’re a beginner, grow what’s fast and easy to get started into the world of gardening. If you have a yard or acreage, you have more options but even if you don’t have a yard many greens and vegetables can be grown in containers, window boxes end even on rooftops.

There are many seed companies with catalogs online with information about the different vegetables and greens and the zones in which they thrive. You can start by buying some seeds without ever leaving your couch.

Homemade Organic Food

While we have all learned more about how an event can change the way we supply ourselves and our families with food whether that is a war, a natural disaster or a pandemic, a garden means more than simply providing food for my family when it’s dangerous to leave the house and store shelves are empty. It means healthy, organic food that you raised from seeds and knowing where your food comes from. Produce that gets to the supermarkets is typically picked prior to being ripe causing some loss of taste and flavor. With produce in your own garden you can pick it when it is ripe and at the peak of its flavor. It can even mean having enough to give away to your family and neighbors.

Gardening gives a sense of security and purpose and has been proven to reduce stress. Most people grow gardens not only for food but because they enjoy it. A garden is a great way to get outdoors and create something beautiful and meaningful.

There are plenty of websites with gardening information. One site that you may find helpful is from the Botanical Gardens in Denver, Colorado at

Hopefully gardening will give you a smile, relieve some stress and provide you with juicy, tasty maters!