How To Be Ready To Get Outdoors Once It’s Socially Responsible

How To Be Ready To Get Outdoors Once It’s Socially Responsible

For many of us, this time of year sees us skiing in t-shirts, tuning up our bikes for rides on the Front Range, and getting the dust off of the tents and sleeping bags that we will soon be able to use. But 2020 is a weird year and for most of us, none of that has happened. 

This is not to diminish the fact that what is happening right now is absolutely brutal. So many restaurant workers and retail associates have lost their jobs, while nurses/doctors/grocery store workers and other incredible people on the front lines of this pandemic are overwhelmed. If you can, get take out from a local restaurant or donate to programs like BGoldN which supports local restaurants and those who need a free meal. 

So yeah, we get that missing Gaper Day is wildly insignificant in the big picture going on right now, but we did want to take this free time to pen how much we miss the outdoors, and how we will NEVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED AGAIN. Pinky promise. 

And since we have time, let’s think of the ways that we can be ready to hit the trail the first hot second we can do so in a socially responsible manner. Mainly, when the shelter-at-home is lifted, travel to rural communities is not frowned upon because of the potential of transmitting COVID-19, and social distancing is a thing of the past (or we just go with those we live with). 

First Things First. Where To Go? 

Depending on the time of year, maybe Arapahoe Basin or Breckenridge will open back up? And backcountry skiing spots will be popular since folks missed out on the last 2 months of the season. Make sure you check CAIC to miss the heavy, wet slides. Berthoud, Loveland and Jones Pass will all probably have a few folks. 

Or maybe you’re ready to jump straight to dirt activities and head to Oil Well Flats for biking or Shelf Rd for climbing. Fruita and Moab are always go-to spots this time of year too. Honestly, just thinking about those places puts my mind at a little more ease.

Consider what dates you would want to go and make sure to secure any permits or reservations once the coast is clear. 

Second Things Second. Is Your Gear Ready?

Is your tent ready and all poles and stakes accounted for? If the kids are antsy maybe this could be a good time killer for them while also practicing critical thinking skills. Other items on our list include: sleeping pad, sleeping bag, flashlight or headlamp (check the batteries!), and don’t forget the ENO hammock

Now’s a good time to get a ‘camping kitchen box’ ready too. This can include a propane stove, a pot or 2 for boiling water and heating up food, cutlery, plates, mugs and cups, dishwashing soap, hand soap and sanitizer, paper towels and a few spices like salt, pepper, garlic salt, etc. Having a larger tub in there is good too since it makes washing dishes a lot easier. 

Want to *really* be ready to get off-grid? Check out some of the turn-key camper trailer options at B&B RV, Inc. that are ready to go the second you are. Boreas Trailers is a great option if you want to get off-road and away from the crowds. Opus Trailers have an incredible pop-up action that gives you a ton of room to house the family. With either of these, all you have to do to be ready to get out of town is make a grocery run. 

Third Things Third. What Else Can You Plan Right Now?

Personally, I’ve been looking up some camp recipes I want to try out and saving them in a special Pinterest board. Extra points if they are mess-averse like me! Here’s some that have caught my eye so far: 

In other planning strategies, is there any new gear you’ve had your eye on? We invested in a Solo stove last year and have loved it (the coziness of a campfire without the smoke and messy cleanup? Yes please). We also have a Tire Table that added some welcome countertop space. 

Right now, it seems the most heroic thing any of the non-essential folks can do is sit tight at home. And for the Off-Grid Expo folks, that is a tough thing to do! But hopefully, with a few things to plan and look forward to, we can get through this weird time a little easier. Let us know in the comments below if there are any other ways you are using your time at home to prepare for your upcoming adventures.

Stay healthy everyone, and see you soon!