Egoe nest enters the
North American market

Introducing Nestbox camping assembly that turns basically any van, minivan, SUV, station wagon or off-road into a comfortable camper car in minutes.

Europeans have been discovering the freedom of camping with Nestbox camping modules for several years.  After receiving many requests from the US, it is time to expand into the North American market.

What was just a promising start for a few adventure lovers yesterday, is a solid segment on the camping market today.  We’re talking about the Nestbox modules, which can easily turn a regular car into a camping van.

It all started when one of the co-inventors bought a motor home, only to discover most of the limits of this kind of traveling during his first trip.  The motor home is clumsy to drive, hard to park and you can’t just stop and camp wherever you like.  An idea for making a module for a regular van was conceived.  His prerequisite was that the camping module must not limit the original purpose of the vehicle.  That’s how Nestbox was born.

Nestbox brings its users complete freedom of choice of both their destination and their car.  If your car has a little extra space, it can probably be house the Nestbox.  And if you need to use the car for something else, Nestbox can be taken out just as easily.  There’s no need to drag a camper trailer with you, nor spend money on an expensive motor home, you can put a camping unit right in your every-day car.

To satisfy the owners of off-roads, station wagons and SUVs, we have developed our smallest module, Nestbox Camper.  It is more compact and handles everything as the larger ones for minivans or vans.

Egoe nest brand, the maker of Nestbox, takes pride in unique design and outstanding quality – with Nestbox, we’ve made sure you’ll load your car with cutting-edge technologies and top-notch materials, compiled into an engenious unit.

Depending of the version of the module, you get the main frame with the water module, cooker module and a space for a fridge, folding bed slat and a folding mattress.  The system is extendable with an array of accessories, taking your camping experience one step further.

As David Zezula from the Egoe marketing team says: “Traditional camping has its limits and we’re one of the first brands to start to change this.  The numbers show the interest is growing, camping with a camping module is becoming a specific style of traveling.  Freedom and flexibility are commodities people still demand.”

Egoe nest, a company based in the Czech Republic, Europe, has been fulfulling their goal to make car camping accessible and comfortable for a wide range of car owners.  Its network of distributors now has about 20 dealerships around the world and is still growing.

Visit Egoe nest’s booth at Off-Grid Expo.