Camping With Hammocks

At Off-Grid Expo, we’re big fans of camping. And hand-in-hand with that activity comes…HAMMOCKS! 

Since the first pioneering soul tied up a bed sheet (we assume) between two trees, the world has found a new way to chillax. And not much has changed about that initial discovery because ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. 

In 2019 we had the incredible privilege to have a whole area set up with hammocks for folks to lounge in, thanks to ENO (eagle nest outfitters), and we are so pumped to have that area available again in 2020. In celebration, we put together a quick list of tips for camping with your hammocks. 

1 – Make sure you have all the equipment (big perk: it’s not a lot): 

Obviously you need a hammock, which normally has the carabiners or loops at the end to tie your other ropes to. Then you’ll need two ropes to tie each end to a stable point. Assuming you find those (typically: trees, or a combination of tree/vehicle/picnic table/post/etc)) at your campsite, you are good to go! If you’re heading to the desert or an open area that doesn’t have trees, check out these stands from ENO, which go under your vehicle’s wheels and allow you to set up a hammock anywhere you can park! 

2 – Find the spot

So you have your campsite, now you just need to find a spot for the ‘mock. I’m a fan of a spot with a view, and bonus if it’s a little ways from the campfire, as embers and ash can burn holes through the thin material of a hammock easily. Have more than 1 hammock? Finding a cluster of trees is a good way to get more than 1 up so you can enjoy company 😊 

3 – Chill out

Have a book, music, instrument, magazine or nothing at all to pass the time as you sway back and forth. 

Other props: 

  • Top net: if mosquitos are big where you’re camping
  • Sleeping bag and pillow if you’re planning to sleep in it

Make sure to come check out the ENO Relaxation Station at Off-Grid Expo, taking place at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds October 2-4, 2020 in Golden, CO!