Bass Pro Archery Course

Bring the whole family to Off-Grid Expo and have the kids work on their archery skills! BassPro Shops is bringing a kid-friendly archery course for them to test their skills before bow-season.

BassPro is the leading provider of fishing and hunting gear in Denver so if you have any questions make sure to bring them to the show or stop by their store at 7970 Northfield Blvd, Denver.

BassPro will also have prizes and giveaways at their booth so make sure you stop by!

Bass Pro Shops Archery Course

If you want to prepare your kids for the course before the show here’s some sure-fire ways to give them a head start: 

  • SAFETY! Specifically outline the safety rules involved while shooting a bow, while drawing, and when retrieving arrows
  • Cover Compound bow basics: riser, limbs, cams, string, sight, rest, etc.
  • Discuss fingers vs. release
  • Explain and illustrate how to correctly draw a bow and warn them about dry-firing bows and the dangers involved
  • Explain anchor point and illustrate good form
  • Explain aiming, the use of sight pins and how to adjust pins
  • Pass around an arrow and point out its parts

Briefly discuss field points and broadheads

Practice drawing and letting down, making sure no one dry-fires their bow. Do a mock line-up as if shooting and run through the rules. Make sure everyone is aware to wait at the shooting line or at their designated shooting positions until a signal is given to retrieve their arrows.

Be certain everyone knows how to safely remove arrows without jeopardizing the safety of others in the area. Show them how to carry their arrows safely.