7P Overland

If you’re into overlanding (or any type of outdoor activity), you know that being prepared is one of, if not THE best thing you can do to be successful. And being prepared means the right equipment and the right knowledge.  Colorado-based 7P Overland is a group dedicated to making you prepared for your overlanding adventure!

From training, trip itineraries and guides, to the equipment that will take you where you need to go (and back safely)!  7P Overland offers it all. They’ve been in the game for over 20 years and have an entourage of highly trained experts that are available to give advice on set ups and trips.

So we could not be more thrilled that they will be giving demonstrations at Off-Grid Expo! From swapping a tire to the things you should check on your setup before you take off in the morning (the “first parade”) there will be free classes for all levels of overlanding enthusiasts.

Check out the schedule below for the times when demonstrations will be taking place, and make sure to purchase your tickets for Off-Grid Expo today!
(access to demonstrations is included with all tickets)

7P Overland featured exhibitor

Friday, October 4:

2:00 pm – The Essential Tool Kit
4:00 pm – Introduction to Four Wheel Drive Systems

Saturday, October 5:

11:00 am – First Parades & Preventative Maintenance
1:00 pm – Bush Mechanics
3:00 pm – The Essential Recovery Kit

Sunday, October 6:

11:00 am – Tire Repair – Safe Tire Changing
1:00 pm – Securing Your Gear – Loading and Lashing
3:00 pm – The Essential Tool Kit

7P Overland Class Descriptions:

Introduction to Four Wheel Drive Systems

Not all vehicles are created equal, but sometimes the differences are hard to see. Attend this class to learn the difference between 4WD, AWD, full-time, part-time, and all the parts that make these systems operate the way they do. You will be a better driver with a full understanding of how the power from the engine gets to the ground and moves the vehicle forward.

Bush Mechanics

Eventually it’ll happen. You’ve broken down with only what you’ve got. Probably at night and in the rain – you’ll be hungry too! Without the right tools and spare parts, all you have is what you have and your imagination. In this class you’ll learn how to create unusual and creative techniques that’ll get you home.

First Parades and Preventative Maintenance

“First Parades” is a British military term for the first task of the day—which for an  overlander involves a comprehensive check of the vehicle and its systems. Join us as we cover the routine you should adopt to ensure your vehicle stays in good running order, whether you’re out for the weekend or a six-month excursion. It’s not just about checking the oil!

The Essential Tool Kit

Quality tools can make the difference between a successful repair and a bad situation made worse. Learn what tools to buy for a comprehensive vehicle tool kit, which ones to concentrate on for ultimate reliability, and where you can economize.

The Essential Recovery Kit

The overlanding market is full of products designed to help recover a bogged vehicle. How do you decide what to buy, and what is appropriate for your own vehicle, your own plans for exploration, and your level of expertise? The 7P Overland team will help you build the perfect recovery kit for your rig and your style of travel.

Safe Tire Changing and Repair

This essential skill has been nearly lost in 21st Century, but it’s vital for those who travel in the backcountry. You’ll discover proper jacking techniques (and which jacks are best to use, learn about correct chocking and securing the vehicle on rough terrain and learn how to repair simple punctures with a plug kit, how to break and reseat beads, and how to apply interior patches.

Securing Your Gear – Loading and Lashing

All that harmless-looking gear in the cargo area can turn lethal in an accident or rollover. Learn to secure it the professional way in this class. We’ll discuss ropes and ratchet straps, weight distribution and center of gravity concerns, and then look at a selection of suitable tie-down brackets, rings, and rails, and investigate where and how to mount them in the cargo area.