10 Things To Do For Memorial Day Weekend in Colorado

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Memorial Day Weekend is normally a time to celebrate warmer weather and the upcoming summer season. Colorado seems to have different plans for us this year, with a record late-season snow storm hitting the region just days ago.

With the weather poised to get nicer this weekend, you may be a little confused about what your options are for outdoor activities. We’ve put together a list with options for folks that are clinging to winter and those ready to shed their layers!

1. Take a Ski Trip

Boy Skiing On Memorial Day

This winter was a doozy and the gifts keep coming. Breckenridge was already poised to be open through Memorial Day, and they just announced they’ll stay open on weekends through June 9! Aspen Mountain and Purgatory are re-opening for the weekend after this week’s snow, and Arapahoe Basin will be running lifts as well.

2. Go On A Mountain Biking Adventure

While front range trails are too mucky to say whether they’ll be good to go by this weekend, nearby Buffalo Creek is known for drying out fast with its sand and gravel composition. Get some #herodirt on those tires and make sure to go through puddles, not around!

3. Go For A Swim

Kids at Pool on Memorial Day

Um, say what? That’s right, you can go swimming outdoors this weekend. The Splash at Fossil Trace in Golden is opening this weekend, recent snowstorms notwithstanding! The aquatic park has slides and features that make it perfect for a sunny family day. Bring it on, raisin fingers.

4. Explore Colorado’s Best Hiking Spots

Man Hiking In Colorado on Memorial Day

Similar to the warning with mountain biking, many of the trails in nearby Jefferson County remain closed after our soggy spring. But areas like North Table Mountain and Dinosaur Ridge tend to dry out fast so they’ll likely have sections open by Saturday or Sunday.

Bonus: if you hike North Table make sure to get a well-deserved drink at New Terrain afterward, and if you hike Dinosaur Ridge be on the lookout for ancient footprints!

If you’re looking for something more aggressive, the highly patriotic Democrat, Lincoln and Bross 14ers in the Mosquito Range are a great way to get in the spirit and pack a good lung punch.  

5. Enjoy Some Rock Climbing

Woman rock climbing on memorial day

Driving through Clear Creek Canyon you can spot climbers on their way up to some incredible options and varying degrees of difficulty. Check out this guide for more info on routes and options.  

6. Escape The City With A Camping Trip

Group of people camping for memorial day weekend

Ooooh yeah! We’re ready!! Bonus activity points if you have an ATV or dirt bike you’re ready to throttle. Rampart Range is OPEN and is a great spot for finding camping spots and then going to explore.

Like most popular camp sites close to the Front Range, this will fill up quickly so head out Thursday if you can for the best spots!

7. Tryout Paddleboarding

Couple paddle boarding on memorial day

If you’re aching for some water time, but not ready to commit to being submerged, standup paddleboarding could be your fix. Rocky Mountain Paddleboard will rent you a SUP board at the Boulder Reservoir for $20 for the first hour, with discounted rates after that.

8. Go River Rafting

people river rafting on Memorial Day

Idaho Springs is a 30-minute jaunt from Denver, and the water on the Clear Creek is perfect right now for juuuuust the right amount of thrills! As a result, lots of people will be enjoying the small mountain town this Memorial Day weekend.  Join AVA for a quick 7-mile float over 11 rapids on this exhilarating, fun way to get out of town.

9. Volunteer Your Time

people volunteering on Memorial day weekend

Ok so Memorial Day Weekend is a time for fun, but we did want to put a plug in for giving back. So many of the trails and recreational areas that we use heavily on holiday weekends need a lot of love for the rest of the year.

Look into COMBA trail days for mountain bikers, the Colorado Trail Foundation for the CT upkeep or Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado for a plethora of outdoor-oriented volunteer projects.

10. Attend a Memorial Day Service

Man in uniform at Memorial Day Service

The weekend wouldn’t be possible without the ultimate sacrifice given by men and women who have died in service of our country. Don’t let that go unnoticed this weekend.

The City of Aurora and the Colorado Freedom Memorial Foundation will host Colorado Remembers, which includes a remembrance ceremony from 10-11a and an opportunity to visit the Colorado Freedom Memorial from 11a-1p.